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AUTOCULT (06012) Porsche 914 Heuliez Murene 1970 orange-ivory

  • Manufacturer : AUTOCULT
  • Brand : Porsche
  • Categories : coupes,prototypes and dream cars
  • Scale : 1:43
Resin model. 1:43 scale. Limited edition 333 items.
Mint boxed.At the sight of the 1969 initially presented VW-Porsche 914, the French company Brissonneau & Lotz held the opinion that it deserves a better and more beautiful car body. Designer in charge and driving force in the company, who supported the idea of designing a visually more appealing car body for the 914, was Jaques Cooper. Primary target of the design project was to convince the management of Porsche with the new shape.
To put Cooper’s sketched shape into action the French company purchased a Porsche 914/6 in 1970. Unfortunately shortly afterwards the financial situation of Brissonneau & Lotz worsened and due to this, the decision was made to abandon the design project. But Jaques Cooper was convinced of his idea and was not ready to abandon it. So he looked for a new company, who was willing to realize his design and found a reliable partner in the company Louis Heuliez S.A. Convinced that they have succeeded in making a visually appealing new body for the 914, the car was initially presented at the Paris Motor Show in October 1970. To attract and to ensure the attention of the press during the fair, a press release, which invited to booth 14 in hall C, was already issued a couple of days before on September 28th, 1970. The type plate at the booth read Heuliez Murène; the moray was the inspiration for the design of Cooper’s 914. But the new-designed Porsche missed its target and did not arouse the desired enthusiasm neither of Porsche nor of Volkswagen. It is not known, whether there had been any reaction from one of the both companies.
This was probably a bitter disappointment for the French manufacturer, but Henri Heuliez kept his feet on the ground. He was aware that the production and marketing in conflict with both German companies and on his own account would not be successful and ceased the project.

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