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AUTOCULT (03014) Fiat 750 MM Panoramica Zagato 1949 grey

  • Manufacturer : AUTOCULT
  • Brand : Fiat
  • Categories : racing cars,Fiat 500,Zagato
  • Scale : 1:43
Resin model. 1:43 scale. Limited edition 333 items. Mint boxed.
In 1947 the design office Carrozzeria Ugo Zagato & Co, headed by the 57-year-old company founder Ugo Zagato, started to implement its idea of specially designed side windows, which should facilitate a larger field of view than it has been the case by then. Zagato designated his new concept with the term “Panoramica”. With his new gusto for the roof section, he wanted to give the transition between roof edge and window ending a more roundish shape and to extend the windows at the same time. Results were more into the car roof extending side windows and a likewise slightly bigger front window, which altogether let more daylight into the car interior and enabled a better view for the passengers.
Zagato initially put his “Panoramica-concept” into practice on the chassis of a Fiat Topolino. In 1949 in total eight copies of his concept were set on chromed spoke wheels, which also constituted the beginning of a “Panoramica-series” with further designs. But the little Fiat had to be both good-looking and tough. In order to prove its toughness the Fiat had to master harsh conditions and was therefore registered for the famous rally Mille-Miglia in 1949. The only 3.25-meter-long Fiat Zagato came in fourth place in its vehicle class. Due to this success Zagato added the, for the Italian racing scene important, letters “MM”, which was the acronym for Mille Miglia, to the type designation.
A series production of the small Zagato-Fiat did not happen. Of the former eight existing copies only one has survived to this day.

Price : € 95