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AUTOCULT (06018) Volkswagen Steyr 1939

  • Manufacturer : AUTOCULT
  • Brand : Volkswagen
  • Categories : prototypes and dream cars,economy cars
  • Scale : 1:43
1:43 scale. Resin model. Limited edition 333 items.
The “marriage” of a Steyr Type 50 or 55 car body with a Volkswagen Kubelwagen chassis remains a mystery of automotive history.
It might well be that this conversion came privately into being in the years beyond 1940. But it is also quite possible that clever technicians set about realizing the car not until 1945. The fusion was feasible as both the Kubelwagen (Type 82) and the Steyr Type 50 or 55; also known colloquially as the “Steyr-Baby”; had almost the same wheelbase. The adjustment of additional air inlets at the rear together with an afterwards installed hood for the air-cooled boxer rear engine, imply a high technical understanding of the constructer.
According to present knowledge, the obvious assumption that the conversion was built under the direction of Ferdinand Porsche, within the scope of his occupation for Volkswagen in the late 1930s, can be ruled out.

Price : € 90