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AUTOCULT (12005) Pegaso Z-203 Mofletes fire engine 1956 red

  • Manufacturer : AUTOCULT
  • Brand : Pegaso
  • Categories : lorries,firemen
  • Scale : 1:43
Resin model. 1:43 scale. Mint boxed. Limited edition 333 items.
After World War II the production of the truck type 66 G of Hispano-Suiza was followed up under the company name Pegaso. Later on the type 66 G provided the basis for subsequent developments as the type Z-202 and Z-203. The whole model line was characterized by its typical driver’s cab convexities. Soon the model line got the Spanish nickname Mofletes, which loosely translated means “chubby cheeks”.
The Z-series was primarily used in Spanish transport business and building industry. Both sectors had a heavy demand for new trucks and also local fire departments showed interest in new trucks to modernize their car pools. For the conversion into a fire engine a seamlessly merging body replaced the standard separation of driver’s cab and load platform. Behind the two front seats a second passenger cabin was installed, so that up to eight firemen were able to rush to the next fire ground. The rear section offered enough storage space for necessary utensils and the obligatory wooden ladder was attached to the roof, which was accessible thru small footsteps. The big hose reel was hooked into the rear and the typical brazen bell was located at the left front door.
The fire truck version got a special circular bumper, which replaced the standard four-sided front bumper and the large front footstep. As well as the numerous trims, the big grill – with ten transversal lamellar, the headlight sockets, the small footsteps to the roof and the door handles, also the bumper was golden anodized, which contrasted well with the typical fireman’s red “camión de bomberos” and gave the truck a nice appearance.

Price : € 99