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AUTOCULT (05008) Mismaque Squal 1960 red

  • Manufacturer : AUTOCULT
  • Brand : Mismaque
  • Categories : coupes,prototypes and dream cars,sports cars
  • Scale : 1:43
Resin model. 1:43 scale. Mint boxed. Limited edition 333 items.
The story behind the sports car, later known as Mismaque Squal, began as the young engineer Guy Mismaque planned to produce an affordable sporting car by using standard components of a Renault in 1956.
The conception of the car took 3 years and should be named “Coupe Sport Mismaque”. The sporting descendant was supposed not to be more expensive than the French popular automobile - Citroen 2CV (known as the “duck” or “tin snail”). However the assembly of the prototype protracted. Finally in 1959 the planning seemed to come to an end. The striking feature of the car was its alar shaped tail fins, which were similar to a modern airplane. Their purpose was to increase and to focus the contact pressure to the middle of the car in order to ensure a stable road holding. As powertrain they used the 425cc small engine of the 2CV with 12 HP. By using a lightweight synthetic skin the Mismaque weighed only 350 kg, whereas the Citroen 2CV had a weight of 520 kg at that time. With its flat and streamlined shape, drawn by Guy Mismaque, it was supposed to reach a top speed of almost 120 km/h.
The first car was finally ready in autumn 1960. But neither back then nor at a later stage he was able to find a producer for the serial production of the sports scar. Sundry discrepancies, wrong launched news releases and even Guy Mismaque himself caused the fact that nowadays the number of Mismaques is unknown. Experts assume that 4 cars were made, but it wouldn´t be surprising, if it would be more than that.

Price : € 89