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AUTOCULT (03000) Alca Volpe 1947 blue

  • Manufacturer : AUTOCULT
  • Brand : Alca
  • Categories : microcars
  • Scale : 1:43
Resin model. 1:43 scale. Limited edition 333 items.
On March 30, 1947 the Milan company “A.L.C.A” (Anonima Lombarde Cabotaggio Aereo) presented the Alca Volpe for the first time in Rome by Erminio Macario, a well-known and popular Italian comedian at that time.
The Volpe (= fox) was only 2,5 meters long, 1,02 meter wide and weighed only 135 kg. The back was slightly pointed and equipped with a 124-cubic centimeter engine. The engine could rev to 5.000 rmp and generated 6 hp. The maximum speed was about 60-70 km/h and had a consumption of 3,0 liters per 100 kilometers. ALCA manufactured the cars in Trient, but only made them in quantities of 6 at a time.
The Volpe delighted so many customers that they paid in advance to ensure that production would start for the small roadster. Therefore, the company earned more than 300 million lira (around 6 million Euros at the present time)! However the money never flowed into production as the responsible persons disappeared with all the money. This of course caused ALCA to fall into bankruptcy, and the company was liquidated.
Amid this scandal, six cars actually made it off the production line, but only a few of the original six models have survived.

Price : € 89