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New objects

New entries of FEBRUARY 2017:

- 14 wall clocks
Enjoy your visit and have fun!

New entries of OCTOBER 2016:

- 2 clocks with a very rare VELMA-SUCHARD pendulum clock dating back to between 1900 and 1910;

- 1 enamelled plate with a ZEF thermometer dating back to the 1930 / 1940s;

- 2 wax tins of the 1960s (CERA GREY e LIÙ) advertised in the Carosellos of that period;

- 1 large promotional AIR INDIA plane for travel agencies;

- 4 advertising puppets including the ESSO drop - Moplas and the CIRIO little man;

- 2 Carosello advertising puppets (the Cavandoli Line and Captain Trinchetto - RECOARO);

- 3 KODAK counter advertisings;

- 5 pottery objects of the Walt Disney series including the very rare "Pinocchio with the Cat and the Fox";

- 1 Walt Disney Donald Duck puppet made of LENCI cloth;

- Donna Rosa MENTAL pottery candy display;

- BABY FOILLE pharmacy change return plate.

Enjoy your visit and have fun!